Ring Halloween 2019 Sale

Lots of different ring items including some of the doorbells and some of the security systems, are on sale for about $50 off each. If you buy them at Amazon you can probably also get a free Echo Dot in the deal. It looks like everybody’s price matching this, so I saw the same sale at ring’s own site, at Amazon, at Best Buy, target, and at Home Depot. Looks like the sale is scheduled to end 27 October 2019.

I’m linking to the page at ring’s own site, but again if there’s someplace else you’d rather shop, it will probably have matched these prices and, in case of Amazon, have the same price on a bundle that includes an Echo Dot.

And a sample Amazon bundle

These aren’t the lowest prices ever, those are usually on the Black Friday sales, but they are very good prices and if you want something before Halloween, this might be the time. :sunglasses: