Amazon's new category: Amazon Devices/Home Security has Blink and Ring

Just wanted to mention Amazon has now moved both Blink and Ring into their “Amazon Devices” category, in a new subcategory, “Home Security from Amazon.” Their Cloud Cam is also in there.

I noticed it when I was looking at the early Black Friday deals. There are a few Blink deals now, nothing great, about 10% off from third party vendors. But it’s an interesting move, anyway. And hopefully there will be better deals from Amazon itself for Black Friday once we’re out of the early phase.

Protect your entire home with security systems and cameras from Amazon. Control Cloud Cam, Blink and Ring products with your voice through select Alexa devices.



There is also a second new subcategory under “Amazon Devices,” called “Device Deals.” I can’t quite figure out what qualifies for this grouping: it doesn’t have all the early Black Friday deals, but it does have some “sold by Amazon” Alexa-compatible items like WeMo switches which otherwise wouldn’t fit under the top level “Amazon Devices” category. Might just be people getting used to the new subcategories.

Anyway, this should be the year-round place you check for deals from Amazon itself on Echo, Ring, Blink, Fire TV, Dash buttons, etc.

Deals, sales, and special offers on Echo & Alexa devices, Fire TV, and more.


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