Ring Floodlight and New App?

My ring flood light is naw showing up as a device but am unabull to use it in automashons eny one else able to do so

A number of community members, including myself, rely on text to speech software. Unfortunately, your post is not understandable. :disappointed_relieved: Are you writing in English or another language?

Sorry about that I have spelling difficulties I normally take my time to make sure things r right but was in a rush b4 al look in to the text to speech thanks for your reply

No problem, everyone has their own challenges. :sunglasses: There are now many different dictation apps available which can do the spelling for you if you are able to vocalize, so this can also be of help to some people.

For example, I dictate all of my posts using the built-in feature in iOS. (there are other similar apps available for android and Windows phone. ) Anyway, the punctuation on my posts can look a little odd, particularly with random capital letters.

We’re all here to share ideas and help each other. I just wasn’t sure what you were asking.

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No it’s ok honestly I am dyslexic I’m using the dictation thing on my phone now never really thought about it to be honest with you thank you for the heads up it’s a damn sight easier what it was was my flood light camera buy ring is no showing up as a device on my new smartthings app it’s shut up as a motion sensor but trying to do an automation it does not show up as a device was wondering if people had this issue thanks again


It’s on the official compatibility list, so you can also get in touch with support and see what they say.


I noticed somebody mentioned this week that the features available for the Arlo cameras, another official integration, had recently changed in the new app, but I don’t know if that’s related to what you were seeing.

Hopefully someone who has one will chime in.

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Check out the following thread, it looks like some people there have it working

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Better off filing a support ticket as Samsung and SmartThings don’t use the Communities site here to get new features and functions into the product roadmap. I am sure they say they do, (just like the they say that the Ring Floodlight Cam is supported) but in reality it’s not how it works in the Software Development world.

The Floodlight Cam is supported for motion and lights. The SmartApp for Ring does not support Siren (unless you build a custom handler). It also does not support the camera snapshots or live stream with or without a custom handler.

I’ve often thought about seeing if I can get the Ring Doorbell Camera function to work with the Ring Floodlight Cam, but I’ve not made it a priority. Too busy working as that’s what brings in the $$$ to buy more smart home gadgetry…