Ring doorbell in Camera group?

Is anyone having an issue including the ring door bell in their camera group?

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Anyone ???

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Floodlight camera works but doorbell doesn’t. Couldn’t tell you why though lol


So same for you too?

same for nest doorbells and it seems like the easiest fix; the doorbells are simply not categorized as a camera or camera groups dont allow doorbells… what sense this makes I dont know but this is just another nail the coffin for ST, this past year of “upgrades” has never been more eager to try a different hub altogether

My Ring Doorbell Pro’s camera still isn’t available as a camera. Any updates on this?

My Ring Doorbell camera doesn’t work either just the motion only.

Is there ant update to this issue. I love being able to see all my camera feeds at one time in the camera group, all cameras that is except for my doorbell, arguably the most important. I have tried everything I can think of in the Ring, SmartThings and Alexa apps. Thought I could just tell it somewhere that it was a motion detector AND light (like it is in Alexa) or thought maybe I could use the workaround that made SmartThings see my Floodlight cams as cameras, motion detectors AND light, but nope. Is this fix even on SmartThing’s radar? If so, is there an ETA?