Ring Doorbell Elite, Smarthings Gen2 hub, 2020 Samsung Smart TV 85QNQ90T not working (again)

Ring Doorbell Elite:
Smarthings Android app Video no longer displays
2020 Samsung TV Q90T Smartthings App:
Video no longer displays in smarthings app
Motion and Bell notifications no longer work

I’ve added and removed the device and Ring account in Smartthings App about a dozen times and nothing seems to fix it. VERY frusterated!

Any attempt to view video in Smarthings TV app or Smarthings Android App, then it breaks the Ring app video from working momentarily. It starts working again after about 30 minutes within only the Ring app(s). So, works fine on Ring app, and Amazon Echo Show… until you try to view vide in Smarthings. Always results in “The camera is unavailable, tap the refresh button” which also never helps.

This may have started with a Smarthings update, or Samsung Firmware update on the TV to 1403 for their Q90 Series models. Not sure what broke first… but either way, it’s Smarthings that breaks Ring video feed, and never works in Smarthings anymore. This all worked fine about 2 weeks ago.