Ring doorbell and alexa

I wanted to see if there was a way to do the following.

When the Ring doorbell has either motion or a ring, send notification to alexa, alexa would then alert me via voice at a specific echo dot that there is someone at the door. It would be great if alexa could notify by voice however if needed the yellow notification light could work also.

Can this be done?

It can be done, but not natively. You’ll need to use webCoRE to get it working.

This is a good thread from someone who has accomplished it: Voice notification on multiple echo dots

You can also use EchoSistant or Ask Alexa, but you’ll still need webCoRE or Stringify to do the rules processing.

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Not just with Ring and Alexa, you will need some middle device. It will not be in Alexa voice unless you pre-record the audio.

Text to speech is possible but the Echo devices are only being used as Bluetooth speakers.

I find the above very very handy. Getting this to work should be easier.

Secondly I would like to see Ring adapt their products to handle actions. Currently its only " when rung / when motion…" on ifttt and stringify It would be much more versatile if it could also do a action : turn on spotlights , sound siren , precautionary video capture etc.
In that setup you could use Alexa to activate a PANIC mode in combination with HUE and Ring cams.