Amazon Echo and Voice Notifications

Hello I was thinking about adding an Echo Dot to my SmartThings collection. The wife wants voice notifications for when doors open around the house, similar to a security system dinging in the event the little one tries to make a run for it. I’ve read the various posts in regards to setting up an old tablet/phone and connecting it to the Echo thru bluetooth to get the voice notifications to work, however I don’t want to have to jump thru those hoops.

I know in May, Amazon added some features for voice notifications. My question is can the Echo/Dot now do this without a back-end phone connected to it?

No. That feature is not available. Can’t really provoke Alexa on the Echo/Dot without Voice. Waiting on the ability myself.

Given that (and I don’t blame you…LANNouncer works, but it isn’t easy to get it there, and it isn’t always reliable) your best bet will likely be using an ST-supported WiFi-enabled speaker and some WebCore pistons. I bought a Bose SoundTouch 10 for this very purpose and it works great.

You can now receive voice notifications on your Echo device. Go to your Alexa app and create a Routine for each door that you want notification on.

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Just got it to work so happy!