Ring alarm uk , smarthings and external siren

I will be very specific as I know integration can be a minefield.

I have purchased a UK Ring Alarm 5 piece system and live in the UK. I have not yet installed this but will be linking with Smartthings when I do.

I have a Smartthings hub:
SmartThings Hub
Firmware version
Z-Wave DSK
Controller version

I would like to somehow connect an outdoor siren so that, if ring alarm goes off, an external siren also goes off. Ring do not currently have an integrated outdoor siren and there appear to be no defined compatible siren makes. So, a creative solution would be required. I have in the past used Amazon Alexa and IFTTT to link actions together.

Is there an option to utilise an external smarthings siren with Ring. If so, which and how?

Also note that I may consider adding smart impact sensors to smartthings which currently are not available in the Ring brand so it would be good if these could interface too.