Rheem econet water heater

Just picked up a new water heater this past weekend with the wifi econet.
I can change the temp and schedule vacation modes on an app.
It would be great if I had a smartthings app that would have it using my presence to go to sleep when I’m gone and turn on when returning.

Found this but it not working. Any code writer out there can maybe continue this our take it over and getting up and running.

I’ve been considering getting one but the reviews online all seem to say that it really doesn’t do too much and things like old alerts can’t be cleared. What has your experience been with the WiFi functionality?

Mine has been great so far. Correct there’s not much on the app that’s why I was hopping someone can take over the smart app so that I can have more functions.

I got it because a coworker of mine has been using it for awhile. The reason they are complaining about the errors won’t clear is because the problem has to be fixed before it will clear. For instance the unit comes with a water detect sensor. If it happens to leak and get water on the sensor it will shut down the water heater and give you an alert on the app that cannot be cleared until the sensor doesn’t sense water anymore. it’s like your engine light on your car. The light will stay on until you fix the problem.

Got it, thanks for the info. I think I’ll wait and see what develops before I decide to purchase the WiFi module.