Honeywell Security Lynx Z-wave, Rheem Econet water heater control

Hi all!
I’m trying to figure out how to set my new Rheem Econet enabled water heater to vacation mode and back to “normal” operation when I arm and disarm my security system. This is at my cabin at which we spend 2-3 weekends a month year round.

I have a Honeywell Lynx system with z-wave automation control with z-wave triggering capability based on various security events (arm, disarm etc). I have z-wave commands sent to various devices when arming/disarming such as well pump on/off, lighting, cams, heat set-back etc.This is all controlled from the panel and Honeywell’s TotalConnect app.

My new Rheem water heater has a built-in Econet wifi module that allows control via their app. They state the Econet module is compatible with Nest and wink.

I’ve read throughout this community to try to figure out how to link the control of the water heater via a z-wave trigger from security events. I’m only interested in putting the unit in “vacation” mode when we leave (arm the security) and back to the previous mode when we arrive (disarm). Being that the Econet module is not z-wave enabled but is compatible with Wink and Nest, and Wink and Nest can be integrated into ST, I’m thinking that using a Wink/Nest device can be a strategy to accomplish my goal. If going the Nest route, I would get a nest thermostat and only use this device for the sole purpose of triggering “away” and “home” modes and would disable the auto learning functions. I don’t need HVAC control as that is already well handled. A Nest stat seems like a big expense if I’m not going to use 90% of the functionality - but I’m willing to do it. If going the Wink route I’m not sure what to do.

I’m brand new to SmartThings and I’m not real clear on the route to go for this. Not afraid of programming/coding and learning but getting stalled out in the thought processes (and venturing down many rabbit holes). Looking for some direction/help.


Try my DH for the econet.

Thanks! Ill give it a shot