RF RGBW Controller to work with Broadlink RM Pro?

(Dean Smith) #1

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a good “RF” RGBW controller? I have some standard RGBW LED Strips, which currently are controlled by 2.4Ghz, but looking to move them over to RF controlls as I have the RM Pro which can learn RF and IR commands.

the IR function will not work and the RM pro is not in line of sight of the strips. However I’ve tested the RF with some RF plug sockets and all works great to where I need it, so hoping there is some form of RF RGBW controller someone knows about?


(Robin) #2

Zwave is RF
Zigbee is RF

Anything between 3kHz and 300GHz is considered RF.

You’ll need to be more specific.

Do you have a ST hub?


First, just to be sure, we are talking about the Broadlink RM pro device, correct?

"IR"means infrared, and it always works the same way, although different devices transmit different codes using it.

“RF” means Radio Frequency, and covers many different frequencies as well as different codes. Wi-Fi is RF, zigbee is RF, Zwave is RF, Ademco (345 MHz) is RF, Lutron clear connect is RF, 433 MHz is RF-- and a device receiving on one of these frequencies cannot even hear any of the others, let alone understand the codes that it is sending.

2.4 GHz is an RF band which is popular for a number of different protocols, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and zigbee.

The RM Pro can do WiFi and two other RF frequencies:

The RM-Pro will control all RF devices/appliances working on the 433MHz & 315 Mhz frequencies .

No zigbee, no zwave, no Lutron.

433 MHz and 315 MHz are both popular for devices with short range simple button remotes, particularly audiovisual equipment and some HVAC equipment like fans, so that’s probably why Broadlink RM Pro selected those. But even though its marketing description says “universal RF,” it’s definitely not. It’s limited to devices on those two frequencies.


So I’m not quite following what you’re looking for. 2.4 GHz is an RF band.

If you mean specifically something that will work with the Broadlink RM pro “RF” option, then you’re looking for devices with remotes that operate at 433Mhz or 315 MHz (neither of which, by the way, is supported by SmartThings).

If all of that’s correct, just let us know, and then people can suggest appropriate devices for what you’re looking for. :sunglasses:

(Dean Smith) #4

JD yet again you’ve shown me the light! - I never know that my RM Pro could control these things! If I can get it into my RM Pro then I’m Ok as I already have RM Pro linked to Smartthings!

Thanks all.

Sorry the terminology of RF was a bit lacking… didnt think Wifi nor the rest other that 433 was RF. Dooohhhh!

(Dean Smith) #5

PS. - I’ll try and link the 2.4Ghz controller up this evening and let you know how that goes!

(Robin) #6

Maybe I’m missing something but if you have Smartthings, why not just use Zwave or Zigbee devices linked directly, that way you’ll get status reporting etc.

Fibaro RGBW micro module is Zwave and works very nicely with ST.


You’ll be able to control it, but it’s similar to the way some community members use Harmony as a “man in the middle” for some devices not supported by SmartThings.

That is, once you have an integration set up, SmartThings will be able to send a request to the Broadlink RM Pro to turn a device controlled by the RM pro on or off. But, this is a one-way integration. If someone turns the RGBW strip on with its own remote or with a physical switch SmartThings won’t know about it, so the status can get out of sync.

In contrast, if you use a zigbee or Z wave RGBW controller, like the popular Fibaro unit, it’s two way communication and SmartThings will know if you adjust the lighting.

So it just depends on your own use case as to what will work for you.

edited to add @RobinWinbourne and I are crossposting at the moment. Same thoughts. I’m going to leave my posts up in this case because I did have a few more details that might be useful, but I’m basically saying the same thing that he did just with more examples. :wink:

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I’m just giving quick answers (Feeling lazy today), you always provide the extra detail people need lol

(Dean Smith) #9

Thank you both for your replies. I do understand and if Money was no object I’d have been jumping all over the Fibaro devices from the beginning, however I’m on a “Middle mans” budget.

2.4Ghz MiLight controllers are £10 over here and the Fibaro RGBW controller is £55 (ish). Comparing the 2 and only intending to use a “on” “off” options also, the cost ourways the need.


If you mean the one for the broadlink RM pro, that will only work for Wi-Fi. They don’t support Bluetooth or zigbee.

(Dean Smith) #11

This is what I have an want to control -

(Dean Smith) #12

Well thats a shame - The RM Pro doesn’t seem to be able to pick up the signal from the 2.4Ghz Remote…

EDIT: So I revert back to my original question lol!


Search the forums for H801. Those can be had for less than $10 if you are willing to wait for them to come from China. It’s a bit little bit of a setup process on them, but they work great. They are RGBW wifi controllers that can be flashed with new firmware, joined to your network and added/controlled through smartthings.

(michael w) #14

Could anybody tell me if these motors for roller blinds work with rm pro

(Robin) #15

Impossible to say without the actual eBay link and knowing the specific frequency / protocol of the remote.

(michael w) #16

Cheers for the quick response Robin I can’t see what type of control they have in the instructions RF IR or wifi here’s the link anywayLook at this on eBay:

12V DIY Electric Roller Blind/Shade Tubular Motor Kit&Remote Controller 0.5/1.5A

(Robin) #17

Did a bit of googling but nothing definitive.

Suggest you email the manufacturer and ask if it works on infra-red (IR) or a proprietary frequency.

(michael w) #18

Ok thanks I’ll have a go and see what they say and let u know

(michael w) #19

Hello again checked these motors out the branded ones are boku and the remotes have s freguency range of 315mhz 433mhz and 868mhz with a six channel remote so I’ll order one and try it out with rm pro

(Robin) #20

Please let us know… these look like an interesting choice.

If they have any kind of wired input they may be compatible with Zwave relays also, for a cleaner result (saves having a more expensive RM pro in every room)