RF Controlled TV bed

Would I be correct in thinking that jumper cables should be able to go directly into these sockets?

ok that looks good. i honestly think the Photon would be relatively simple here the only problem i can see looking again at the relays are that the are 24v DC relays, which makes me think that the remote board is also powered at 24v DC, if you could confim that the output of the VCC pin is 24v DC

if so then we would need this to step down the voltage to 5v for the photon and then the output to the relays would also need to be 24v so we would require the VCC to be bridged to the pin via a transistor which we would trigger from the the photon, effectively using a transistor as a switch as outlined here this circuit would need to created on a breadboard (which you have in that kit)

i am unsure how confident you are with electronics? it would be an intermediate project but not too difficult to do as each relay would be triggered by an identical transistor the issue i have is i cannot locate the datasheet for those relays ZJ3F-CNH-24VDC to find out what the coil resistance is so you would need to look at the nearest equivalent which from my reckoning is a G5LE-1 24DC and the coil resistance on that is 1.44k so as per that article a BC337 might me the best selection but you would need to confim the voltage and current on the VCC pin to be sure. also check the voltage on the VT Pin

I personally would still would tackle this via the method i have proposed however if someone else has another simpler idea that is non destructive and requires less knowledge of electronics please pitch in. but the deciding factor for you @darrenflanagan is if you look at the pic of my latest photon project and go aaaaargh then maybe this is not for you! :slight_smile:

RF cloning is much simpler IMHO (assuming the RF 433Mhz is a simple code, not something like a cycling garage door opener, etc.).

With RF cloning, not need to worry about relay voltages, etc, as you just emulate the remote control instead of physically interfacing.


ok but looking at that you would need something like the CC1101 board but that bumps up the price quite a lot to investigate if it is even feasible. there is a discussion on the particle community regarding some options, however i have no direct experience of doing this so could not assist further

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I don’t think it’s possible to make an rf sniffer with photon from what I can tell. Which means the need of an arduino to do this?

Sticking with using a harmony hub you could use this IR to 4ch relay controller now that you have easy access to those pins.

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Sorry to be a pain @Fuzzyligic & @celblazer Would this go directly onto that board where I have taken the RF module off?

I’m thinking what Fuzzy has said above about working with voltages etc.

I have a Logitech harmony controlling the TV at the bed already and this looks like the dream solution.

Yup this just needs a 12v power supply. Then wire it into the pins for the relay that you can see now that you removed the RF board.

Since this has relays built in no voltage issues to worry about. You just have to figure out how the RF board is triggering the relays: with ground, VSS or might even be the VT.

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so I just need one of these a 12v power lead and some jumper cables? That sounds amazing.

Yuppers. I know I rock 20 char. LOL

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So… If I connect the pin into the wrong port, what is the chances of damage. Reading through these comments you can tell i’m not the bright bulb.

It may or may not but hooking things up wrong is never good. You can get a meter super cheap Like $9 to confirm things first.

nice find, that board there could completely remove the need for the controller board in its entirety. looking at the pic of your control board i don’t see the connection for the AC circuit so i presume that is fed in out by the 5 pin DIN sockets can you confirm? if so if you could just get some DIN Sockets to wire up to the board to save you splicing cables etc…

the only potential issue i can see is that the board only supports momentary or toggle so dependent on the existing operation if you used toggle this wont run for a set time i.e the duration of time it takes to raise/lower the TV which leaves momentary only as the option so keeping the remote button pressed whilst it raises/lowers.

but the timing function can be programmed via ST

BTW, what does the existing switch SW1 do?

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I think… If i press it, it activates the relay 3 and 4, which means I have to hold the up or down button to get the motor to react. When I let go it stops moving. Does that make sense?

yes fine so it currently has momentary functionality. so that board would provide the same but via IR, FYI Those DIN sockets are 180deg 5 pin dins


So it now looks like I remove my existing board complete

  1. Logitech Harmony
  2. 4 Channel Relay with IR
  3. 5 pin Din Socket mounted to the above board (looks like i need the “5 180 degrees”)
  4. No software needed for ST as it knows LT harmony already.

yeah that sums it up, sorry about that…but at least you’ve got a particle.io photon board ready for when you’ve next got some inspiration for a project :slight_smile:

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I’m actually really excited to be learning to use the particle board :smiley:

Will that 12v relay be able to lift the motor?

Looks about right.

Does it use one relay say 3 for up and 4 for down?

I would just use the IR board to trigger the relays on your control board. Just plug in the connections to the RF connector.

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I honestly don’t know @celblazer , When I press a command I hear a click coming from one of the black boxes so I can only guess its use 1 at a time.

  1. Relay 1 for up single press
  2. Relay 2 for down single press
  3. Relay 3, for up long press (use Switch U1 on board to activate)
  4. Relay 4 for down long press (use Switch U1 on board to activate)

How do I use the multi meter to figure out which cable goes where?