Reverse Laundry Monitor

Is there an app or way to use a multi sensor to notify you if your dryer has been on for more than an hour and has not shut down?

I can think of one way. Use an outlet that can energy monitor… Use webcore to test if energy consumption is over set amount for longer than set time

If your stuck on multisensor

use webcore to test acceleration for longer than set time. Place sensor on dryer

Or use webcore to test temperature for longer than set time (put on dryer air duct, however will not work if trying with no heat)

I can think of more ways if you want to open your dryer up

Easiest way is to use power consumption with a smartplug

Thats what i said… but as the op said he wants to use a multisensor… i added more

Excellent options. Didn’t realize WebCoRE was an option. I would use the power outlet but it is the 220v with the dryer plug and I haven’t seen many smart outlets with that dryer configuration.

I assumed you had a 110 dryer (they exist) lol. You could just buy one of those cheap refurb energy meters and clamp the current sennse coils on the hot wires. Would work a charm. And prolly the cheapest way to do it!!!