Return home between specific hours of the day?

I have been trying to setup a ST routine to turn on certain lights when I arrive home with a cell phone presence sensors/geofence, but only between sunset and sunrise.

I can only get this routine to work if there are no restrictions on when this occurs (i.e. omitting the sunrise to sunset).

Any help on how I can make this work or what I’m doing wrong?


I’m not sure that this is supported natively. I’m using WebCoRE to accomplish what you are looking for. Not sure if you’ve played with that or not.

Smart Lighting can do this. If you haven’t used it before, its in the marketplace in the app.


Ok thank you both, I will check out smart lighting and webcore!

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You Can use webcore if you want to, but you don’t need to. :sunglasses: As @Automated_House mentioned, the official smart lights feature can do this and have the additional advantage of being able to run locally, which webcore cannot.

In fact, if you look in the official knowledgebase article, one of the examples is for exactly this kind of use case:

Also, since this is an official feature, support can help you if you do get stuck on anything.

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This is excellent, thank you very much!

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