(RESOLVED)Monoprice window/door sensor used for water detection (assistance needed)

Based upon THIS post, I bought several Monoprice z-wave door and window sensors.

After successfully pairing the Monoprice sensor to ST, I went to the IDE and created a new device handler. I pasted in the Gethub code that was provided in the above linked post.

Then I went to “My Devices” and found the Monoprice sensor, which I renamed. I also changed the “Type” to “Z-Wave Water Sensor” from the drop-down menu.

The Monoprice was then opened up, and I connected one wire to each of the empty screw-down terminals.

My phone app shows the renamed device, and when I put the ends of the two wires I’ve added into water, the red light on the front of the Monoprice lights up. However, the app still shows it as being “dry”. The red light on the Monoprice remains lit despite being out of water, and will not turn off (black button reset/battery removal/etc). As a side-note, the app does report battery status percentage.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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