Reset V2 ST outlet and not local now

So I’ve just reset a V2 ST outlet ( I think )
The one with the 2 buttons either side of the plug.
I’ve repaired it and it’s now not showing an edge driver and none of my routines I create are local now?
Have I did something wrong. :thinking:

Did you have a custom DTH installed for this device previously? If so, it will be preferred over the Edge driver. Is that device Zwave or Zigbee or is it Wi-fi? If Wi-fi, you also won’t see a driver.

Recommend you look at the details of the device using the API Browser from @TAustin

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Thanks. No I don’t think it would have been using a custom DTH because it’s an official ST plug. I swear it was local before I deleted it tonight and now I’ve re added it, it’s now not local.

Which hub do you have and have you installed any edge drivers yet ?

Thanks guys. I’m an idiot.
There was a custom DTH there and I’ve deleted it, re added it and it’s now local.

Thanks again folks. :slight_smile:


Thats good, out of interest which driver did the socket use once found ?

This one. But now I’m not sure if I should plug the TV into it. It was really to monitor the wattage so I can use it for routines to do things.

Could be that the stock driver is reporting the wattage incorrectly. I’d look at using one of the Zigbee drivers from @Mariano_Colmenarejo Check out the fingerprints for the various drivers in his repo to see if your device is supported.

Pretty sure I have his drivers installed and they are not showing when I try to go in and select a different driver.

Marianos driver does have the fingerprint required so double check you installed the correct zigbee driver from Mariano

Look for (zigbee switch power mc)

Ah so I did go back in and installed another one of his drivers and changed it over. Now it’s reading a low wattage. Surely a tv draws more than that?

There you go, as regard to power useage, it depends on many many variables but 225w seems fair

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Thanks mate. Quick google and it seems that’s about right wattage wise. For some reason I thought tv used so much more than that.


You can look at the characteristics label of the tv, surely it puts the consumption

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It’s not the newest of tvs but does the job.
Unsure on what these readings mean though.

As Mariano points out it should say the power consumption on the back of the Tv or as you found, out there on the web in a spec somewhere

Just found a spec for your Tv and it shows 128w … kind of need the manual to know for sure

Yeah checked too. At least I know it doesn’t use 1800W so the plug will be fine. Thank you.

1.28amp maximum draw at 220 volts is 281.6 watts. Worst case it’s 1.28amp at 240 volts which is 307.2 watts. Seems like what the driver is reporting is accurate.


Yeah i see that in the pic, what bothers me is 2 web sites now show max power useage @ 128w

Just wandering if Marianos driver is multiplying correctly!

Do old plasmas draw more current as they age ?