Reset V2 ST outlet and not local now

I would go by the name plate which shows 282 (220x1.28) to 307 (240x1.28) watts and it probably drops off after it is up and running.

My 2-3 year old, 40" Vizio LED is currently drawing 52 watts when up and running.

V x I is the apparent power in volt-Amperes.
As it is alternating current, to see the real consumption, it would be necessary to calculate the part of active and reactive consumption, depending on the total Z impedance of the tv.

The plug meter will calculate power by measuring the voltage across a pure resistive shunt and will never be totally accurate for devices that do not have a pure resistive Z, such as a TV.

You should take it for good like that

128W seems reasonable for a U.S. model at 110-120v.

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