Reset Automation Delay

I’ve got an automation today that auto-closes the garage door if the position sensor is in the open state for longer than 60 minutes. While it works fine overall, I experience one issue.

If the door is closed and opened again within the 60 minutes, the delay doesn’t reset. Meaning, if I close /open at minute 59 of the original open, it auto-closes a minute later. I want the timer to start for another 60 minutes anytime it’s reopened.

How would I reset the 60 minute delay timer?

Have you created this automation yourself or is it built into the device?

I’ve created the automation in SmartThings

Have you tried using the door open smart app. I use that and it works in a similar way to you want it to work.

Do a search on here and you’ll find it

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Any recommendations from the Community?

It’s a GoControl unit

The door open smart app is a smart app within smartthings that does exactly what you want.

I don’t have that in my list when I choose to add a new one. All around door locks and won’t control the garage.

Do you mean you don’t have the smartapp or the smartapp cant see the sensor.

If the first, follow this guide to add an app

Thx - I was looking in the app, not IDE.

The one there is Ridiculously Automated Garage Door which seems to be all based on-location settings, arrival, and departure. I am simply looking for one that says if open more than X minutes, close. The key is for the timer to reset if it is closed then open.