Help with Auto-closer automation?

I currently have a myQ smart bridge connected to my SmartThings hub to allow me to remotely close and open my garage door. I also have a SmartThings contact sensor as a redundancy bc the myQ app doesn’t always accurately know the state of the door.

MyQ integration with SmartThings created Open and Close buttons in SmartThings to complete those actions.

I’m looking for an automation that similar to the Enhanced Auto Lock - if the garage door is left open for 10 minutes, the SmartThings Close button is triggered and closes the garage door.

I’ve tried but can’t seem to figure it out. Help??

Obviously you know your own situation, but over the past few years almost all of the community members who have set something up like this have ended up getting rid of it again as there are some significant safety issues. In particular, somebody who is loading up the car for a trip or unloading a Christmas tree may have it parked in such a way that the car can get hit by the door when it closes automatically. :scream: Even though the door will reverse again, the car can still be damaged.

Instead, most people have opted for getting a notification reminder that the door is still open so they can then manually choose to close it if they want to. Just one of those “learn from someone else’s experience“ things. :wink:

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