Requesting EDGE driver to accumulate time (see post #11 for edge driver)

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I am not seeing the units on mine (iOS).

On Android units show like they should.

I just pushed out a new driver update; Version 2022-08-22T17:54:16.184714416

It would be best to create a new device using this update and testing with that. Delete any old devices.

There are a number of enhancements:

  • Settings option to choose value and control on dashboard
  • Settings option to choose action when switch turned off (pause or reset)
  • Settings option to link counter to the switch so you can get a count of how many times the switch is turned on, off, or either
  • Contact sensor removed from Controls screen (but still exists)

Can you elaborate a bit more on how this might work? Would you want to set a starting count number and then having it reduced by 1 each time the button is pushed?

Well, the way I imagine it, is 0 by default, and it wouldn’t have to subtract from zero necessarily. So, if an event occurs, or a button is pushed etc. you could either add 1 or subtract 1 (zero being the floor), and it seems like two momentaries would be ideal (one for adding and another for subtracting).

I think using those values as variables would be helpful in automations, like a case choice type thing, or implementing pseudo ALT keys in a remote or scene switch etc.

Again, I don’t know the limitations of what can be implemented, and it seems to pair well enough with the timer, but I suppose it could become too busy or cluttered, and standing alone wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I appreciate you showing interest in this!

***In any case, I think the reset is essential, as well

I can have separate momentary buttons for add vs subtract. And of course if you need multiple counter variables you would just create multiple devices.

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Oh… boy!!

It’s gonna be great!

Any way to make the reset button actionable?

All these virtual devices could evolve into vCore with enough time… But seriously, thanks, so much!

Definitely - I hadn’t realized that they weren’t! I will fix that.

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Looking to give this a try tonight but my device is all bonked right now - lots of clouds and inability to control. Will see if it “refreshes” at some point…

As mentioned above you’ll need to create a new device. But hold off… I’m about to push out another update!

OK. I did delete and create new. Next time around I deleted and re-added the driver, same effect.

Will wait for the next one…

Sorry for the rapid updates, but I wanted to get one more change in that has separate add and subtract buttons for the counter component per @blkwill’s suggestion, and to make the reset buttons available to automation routine ‘THEN’ actions.

Because of the type of changes I’ve been making, it will be necessary to create a new device before testing. If for whatever reason you still have problems, you can try removing the driver altogether and re-adding it, but that shouldn’t normally be necessary.

I think this is a pretty useful little utility now. Exercise it well and let me know what you think.

New Version: 2022-08-22T23:31:45.666634

Same as Mooch… Having general app anomalies, with most devices showing offline then back on.

Duration finally came to life, but counter is cloud with a strikethrough.

I’ll keep testing periodically.

Ok, will delete and reinstall

I know there problems with the iOS app right now, so screens may be ugly even when you get the driver back up and running. However you shouldn’t have things showing offline or with clouds…

Counter just popped up too… I’m on Android. Whole app was wonky for a bit.

I’ve been changing capability definitions and device profiles & configurations, so it may be just the changes getting propagated through the system.

That crossed my mind, and please do, at your leisure. Everything seems to be working extremely well at the moment!

I will test with some routines and such tonight.

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Thanks, finally got the latest one to work.

On iOS - no units in the duration field within the device yet.

Similarly, the tile shows hours, even when minutes, seconds, etc. is selected… though with that said, it just updated correctly. It seems to be slow to update to correct units when a change is made.

The tile icon seems to show an always “on” switch, as opposed to going “off” when it’s paused.

Would love to have at least one decimal point for a little more accuracy. The format I was using previously was HH:MM:SS - i.e., 01:25:20 = 1 hour, 25 minutes, 20 seconds; maybe this would be more versatile than decimal points even?

As actions to Routines - when the timer is reset - will it also stop or start the timer? I’d like it to keep last state, kind of like the “lap” function on a stopwatch.

I’m liking it!!!