Replacing "useless" switches for outdoor lights

Hey Guys, I have lights outside my front and side doors that are controlled by switches inside. I always switch the outdoor light on by accident because it is next to other ones.

I’d like to just remove the switch and be able to program the lights on a schedule based on sunset. I don’t see any reason to have a physical switch or maybe I am being crazy. Ideas?

i have lots of lights without physical switches, but you will have to accept that if there is a failure of ST you might be unable to switch off the light…maybe as an extra precaution (i wish i did the same myself) you replace the switch with a fused plate (like this) if the worst happened you can just pop the fuse until everything is working again

How about a light switch guard? I wouldn’t hard wired a light and have schedule with ST. You are asking for headache.


If you are considering using smart bulbs I would suggest not to, especially if you are prone to power outages. Smart bulbs will turn on after a power outage (even just a blink outage) because it is no different than flipping the physical switch. Additionally GE link bulbs are known to drop off network after a power outage and I routinely have to reset them by flipping the switch on/off 5x. They automatically re-pair and I don’t have to do that, but it would be annoying if there was no physical switch.

I would recommend using smart switches, just use your schedule and eventually stop touching the switch. Or if you are absolutely going to go with a smart bulb, get a light switch guard like Ray mentioned.

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I have success with ecosmart and Phillips white smart bulbs for a while now but I don’t have any power surge and really hated the GE links for randomly dropping off ST. They are now back with the hue bridge but schedule and set level between ST and hue is not the greatest combo. So a smart switch is definitely the best approach.

I pulled some extra switches out [there were too many 3 way switches] then used the double tap app to replace the functionality on the remaining switch in the box. Basically if you want to turn on the outside lights just double tap the switch that you keep. This works for me because I took a3 way switch out but left one switch connected to the light. You can use this method to control the smart bulbs as well.

Edit: double tap doesn’t work with the GE dimmers without a lot of custom code

I use these to cover the inside switch and install Philips hue color bulbs outside.

@snicka what is double tap?

My outdoor wall lights use some kind of special bulb so I am talking about smart switches. The ideas was to hide it but I guess I will add the guard to it - good call.