Replacing smartthings hub


I have just starting to play with smartthings hub.
As more and more things added, i am just wondering if something happen on the hub what i should do -or- how is the replacement hub process looks like. I just don’t want to repeat the process to add the sensor/wall switch one by one.
do anyone have experience with this ? can i just replace the hub and get the configuration from the smartthings cloud etc …

This is the exact question I had just a couple of days back. It would make sense for Smart Things to have a way of moving your current configuration over to the new hub. It will be interesting to know how to handle this.

I am considering buying their new hub as well… battery back up and cell tower support…sounds like a must have to me.

Perhaps for further follow up, how does the upgrade process from v1 hub to the upcoming v2 hub.
if it will need to repeat the whole process adding the existing sensor/switch on v1 hub, it will be cumbersome.

I believe that @Ben has stated that there will be a mechanism to migrate from v1 to v2.

Thanks @aimc, that will be great if they can bake on mechanism to do the upgrade without repairing the whole sensor/switch/bulb etc.
Perhaps same mechanism can be used for hub replacement, either on v1 or v2.

The plan is that the same mechanism can be used for hub replacements as well as upgrades.


Thanks … this support will definitely helpful.
so crossing finger that current hub will stand till the mechanism available for upgrade/replace.