Replacing normal GU10 with smart GU10

Currently I have six normal GU10 in my hall operating with one switch. Would I be able to replace just one of them with a smart GU10? if yes, can I independently operate that via an app? ie, swithing on/off or dimm…thanks.

Normally yes, but there are some potential issues.

  1. if you turn the lights off with the wall switch, the smart bulb’s internal radio will also be turned off so it will not be able to hear the app commands until you turn the wall switch on again.

  2. you won’t be able to have the smart bulb on and all the others off. You will probably be able to have it off while all the others are on.

  3. if the bulbs are in the same light fixture/fitting this sometimes causes problems, but that would be a rare use case. Posting a photo here would help indicate if that’s likely to be a problem. Probably the most common issue in this kind of setup is that the smart bulb keeps turning itself on again when the other bulbs are on but you turned it off from the app.

  4. the wall switch must be a simple on/off switch, it cannot be a dumb dimmer switch. So if you go for this set up, you will not be able to dim the other dumb bulbs unless they are in a separate fixture like a table lamp that has its own dimmer control separate from the common wall switch.

  5. Most manufacturers design their smart bulbs to always be on power because of the radio issue mentioned in 1) above. They leave it up to the smart bulb to decide for itself how much power to draw. An occasional emergency power outage 2 or 3 times a year isn’t likely to be a problem, but if you are regularly cutting power from the wall switch several times a week, the “inrush current” when the power is restored each time can eventually damage the radio inside the smart bulb. This significantly shortens the lifespan of what are already expensive bulbs. The only manufacturer I know who designs smart gu10 bulbs intended to work Ok with a dumb wall switch is Sengled.

  6. one more highly technical issue: if your smart bulb uses Zigbee (not WiFi) then turning off power from a wall switch may cause other Zigbee devices in your home to have trouble reaching the network. Again, Sengled is an exception. So whether you run into this issue or not depends on a lot of other details.


a) if your smart bulb is a Sengled brand
b) it does not share a fitting/fixture with other bulbs,
c) the wall switch is a plain on/off and not a dimmer switch,
d) you understand that you will be able to turn the smart bulb off or dim it while the other bulbs on the same switch are on, but you will NOT be able to have the smart bulb be on while the others are off, and
e) you understand that if you turn the lights off from the switch you will have to turn them on again from the switch before the app controls will work

then, yes, it will probably work. :thinking:

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Thanks, that answered my concerns.

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