Replacing an RF Controller with a Dimmer Switch

I’d like to change our current Leviton HXC4A-1TW to just a single dimmer switch to control a set of recessed LED lights. Although this controller can control up to 3 scenes, we only use it for one. It is currently paired with an inline RF dimmer receiver that is installed on the first light fixture. The controller does not appear to be wired directly to the fixture - they both are on their own always-live circuits, then the controller sends an RF signal to the receiver when turned on/off/dimmed.

Will anything work with my SmartThings hub? I was thinking of maybe wiring an Aeotec Nano Dimmer directly to the fixture (replacing the RF receiver), then finding a wireless/stick-up z-wave dimmer switch to replace the RF controller in the gang box (connecting/capping any wires in it that used to go to the controller) which would control the nano dimmer. Since the switch and fixtures wouldn’t be wired together, are there any concerns if I lose my internet connection?