Dimmer on entertainment center?

I have an entertainment center that has 7 15w bulbs controlled by a thumb operated rheostat. The rheostat is burned out and I would like to replace it with a Zwave dimmer? Any suggestions? Thanks!

I assume from your post that the current switch is broke (off). Can you turn the lights on at all at this point?

If the lights can be turned on with the existing switch then you could installed a dimmer switch and plug the entertainment center into it.

If the lights can’t be operated at all with the existing switch then you coulee remove it or wire around it and you the same dimmer switch to plug the unit into for control via SmartThings.

Existing switch is inoperable. What kind of “smart” switch do I need to install? The existing switch is a thumb turn rheostat. I am new to this home automation community. Thanks!


Something like this:

Now in order to make this work you will need to remove the existing switch and connect the existing cord directly from the entertainment center to the dimmer outlet above. You could then turn the lights off, on, and dim using the SmartThings app.

There are plugs like this available from a number of vendors. If you find one you like for less money you can check compatibility here: