Replacing 3-way switch with outlet

Quick question for you electrical wizards out there.

In my garage I have a 3 way switch for the garage lights. After doing some thinking, I decided I’m going to put a Z-wave Dimmer switch to control them. Rather than buy a Aux Z-wave switch for the other side of the 3-way, I am just going to get rid of the other side of the 3 way, and install a regular receptacle. Has anyone else done this? My guess would be is i need to tie off the traveler and a hot. But again I gotta get in there and actually look at meter the wires, but this saves me from having to buy one more switch.

Usually the household outlets are on different circuits than the switches.
To disable the 2nd switch, just tie it’s two hot wires together so the 1st switch/dimmer is directly controlling the load.

Just be sure you have neutral and also find out where the load is. If the load is at the Aux. Use one of the traveler to bring it back to the master and the other traveler as a line. Not sure what the plug is for but be sure it has enough power and not trying into a million circuits and trip the breaker.

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