Replace Liftmaster Garage Door Opener Multi Function Control Panel with Zwave controller

I decided to move forward with automating my Liftmaster Garage door by connecting it to the ST hub. I currently have the unit controlled by Multi Function Control panel similar to this one -

Initially, I thought about using low voltage Z-Wave relay -
BUT It seems like I’ll lose some of this panel functionality if I’ll install the Z-wave relay instead of it - Not to say I’ll be losing the actual physical switch inside the garage.
Anyone did any similar swap and can share any ideas on how to do it without losing the functionality.
I could not find any similar project anywhere…

  1. on that “control panel”, on its blue board, are those just pushbutton membrane switches on the reverse side? If so, the typical workaround is to solder the outputs of a zwave contact output device (actuator, relay), in parallel with the membrane switch contacts. You can test the effect before soldering, by jumpering your solder targets, to make the door toggle operation.

  2. IMO prudent to de-energize the motor unit when you are not expecting possible operation, to prevent unintended opening. It happens enough at 3am, when you are away, to be a problem.

  3. there are many examples in forum

Thanks Eric, This is a great idea - I would need the 2 relays Zwave device for that.
See in the pictures - these are the front and back of the panel - I can for sure solder the relay outputs easily to these buttons.

And I totally agree with you on #3 - Need for sure to find a way to disable the relay control during certain times