Replace Failed Hue Bulbs with New?

(I’m not sure this belongs here, but I’ve searched the web without success, and you folks are smart… Sorry for the OT discussion.)

I have a failed Hue A19 bulb on my Gen 2 bridge that I want to replace with a new A19 bulb. Obviously, I can just delete the failed bulb and add the new bulb, but what happens if I’m already at 50 or higher bulbs on one bridge? Will Hue allow me to add another bulb? Also, this doesn’t preserve any of the scenes or other smart apps that I’ve installed from the Labs, and it messes up my SmartThings integration. Is there a way to replace one bulb with another in the Hue system so that I don’t have to re-assign everything?

Separately, I’ve also noted less than stellar reliability with Hue bulbs. For supposedly long-lived devices, they fail on me quite frequently. I’ve had about 10% of my installed bulbs fail in under 2 years. Maybe that’s normal. What are other people seeing?


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Best place to ask is the Hue forum, but we may be able to help a bit. :sunglasses:

  1. The primary reason that hue bulbs fail early is because They are on a regular light switch and people are using that light switch regularly. That is, they are turning the bulb on and off from a switch which controls the current to the bulb. It’s OK if you’re doing that once or twice a year because of a power outage. But if you’re doing it several times a week because you haven’t set up a different control mechanism for the bulbs, you will significantly shorten the life of the bulb. This is because of the inrush current every time the power is restored: it can damage the radio in the bulb over time.

  2. Second most common reason is you are operating it in temperatures outside what it is Spec’d for. This could either be using one of the regular models in a recessed can or enclosed fixture, or operating it outdoors.

If your bulbs are failing under two years, most of their models have a two year warranty, so at least you can get them physically replaced.

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Thanks, @JDRoberts. Where is the Hue forum? I swear I looked all over (and Google), but I didn’t see an official forum like we have for SmartThings.

You have to sign up for free developers account. It used to be an open forum you could search from Google, but in order to meet the new European privacy laws, they’ve now put it behind a login page. Use the Register option.

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Did you ever figure this out? I am having the same issue.