Replace a sensor battery with a wired power source


(Dave) #1

Since I have 12v powering an outdoor laser, I wish I had a wired voltage step down to a slug that could be placed in the 3v dry contact sensor so I didn’t have to replace that battery every 9 months since it’s secured to keep unit waterproof.

Setup: Laser Trip Sensor?

Anyone have ideas? I could buy a voltage step down device and solder it but it seems like there must be some battery sized alternative out that makes hard wiring a sensor with power an easier task if the sensor is running adjacent to a power source anyway.

I’m guessing this probably won’t be applicable to many sensors people have active as those probably aren’t located near power but I’m sure some users have sensors placed in locations where it’s very hard to replace batteries and would also want wired power options.

My Aeon dry contact sensor

uses one CR123A battery

(Dale C) #2

This is what I used from Amazon. I am using a wireless door/window sensor and like you not the magnetic switch but using the hardwired dry contact input instead. It is monitoring all my wired window contacts (blk/red & yel/grn) around the house. I temporarily just used the dead battery as a way to hold in the power wires until I solder it. I put electrical tape around the dead battery so to not recharge the dead battery. The extra black and white wire in the picture is because I am powering a second smart contact switch to the right which is another security zone.

(Bill) #3

There was some discussion recently here, around post 43 I believe Lowes Iris Smart Button $6.25 (clearance).

Also some discussion here 3v Step Down Converters for Sensors.

(Ray) #4

If you are going to use it on a Lowes motion sensor try using 3V. I know 5V works as well but because ST doesn’t know what to make of 5V and crashed the ST app. I tested this with 5 Iris Motions. Funny enough it’s working fine on GoControl contact and ST presence. All on default DTH for local processing.

(Don) #5

I can confirm this from my experiment on a Iris motion sensor. With 5v on it, reads to much voltage and will not join correctly. Will show on the IDE but never show up in app. It does function and doesn’t seem to care about the extra voltage. You won’t be able to use it for anything since it never really joins correctly.

I ordered some DC to DC converters they are on a slow boat from China.

(Ray) #6

For me. It joined normal but it will crashed the ST app.