Reolink IP Cameras

I have run into the same problem. I am doing constant recording on a
Synology disk station and get motion notifications directly from the
cameras. So for now I don’t really need ST integration. Where ST would come
in is if you wanted some action (light turned, recording to start, etc) if
there was motion, etc.

Any further success with this? Is there any sort of working integration?

Would love to see some integration as well. I have the Reolink 410’s with an NVR and would love to get the camera’s at least integrated in with ST.

No info for native incorporation, but I use my reolink cameras with Blue Iris and using the directions on the forum I am able to trigger motion action with them

Can you forward a link to the device handler and app that you are using?

So im dont have to use any device handler, I just interact with the blue iris serve via HTML tags. I use the smartapp here
And that sends a trigger to blue iris based on smart things events.

For the opposite direction I use HTTP Motion Endpoint from KristopherKubicki which will allow me to trigger smartthings from blue iris. The writeup for that is in this thread:

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Thanks. I will check those out. I pinged Reolink about sharing any documented API that they have for the NVR and camera’s…will see what they say.

If anyone wants to work on a device handler…here are the commands:

Reolink CGI Command v1.61:

rtmp://(ip address)/bcs/channel0_(streamtype).bcs?channel=0&stream=0&user=(user name)&password=(user password)

rtsp://(user name):(password)@(ip address):554//h264Preview_01_(streamtype)

Snap URL:
http://(ip address)/cgi-bin/api.cgi?cmd=Snap&channel=0&rs=(any combination of numbers and letters)&user=(user name) &password=(user password)
(Every time you refresh the website it will snap a new picture)

rtmp://(ip address)/vod/(file name)?&channel=0&stream=0&user=(user
name)&password=(user password)

For searching the playback file name:
1. Open the Google Advanced REST client(, input
http://(ip address)/cgi-bin/api.cgi?cmd=Search&rs=(any combination of
numbers and letters) &user=(user name)&password=(user password) in

2. Choose Post as method and type the below codes in Raw payload: (Change the “year”,”mon”,”day” to the date you want.)

"Search": {
"channel": 0,
"onlyStatus": 0,
"streamType": " main ",
"StartTime": {
"year": 2016 ,
"mon": 5 ,
"day": 1 ,
"hour": 0 ,
"min": 0 ,
"sec": 0
"EndTime": {
"year": 2016 ,
"mon": 5 ,
"day": 12 ,
"hour": 23 ,
"min": 59 ,
"sec": 59

3. Click SEND and the name of the playback files will show in below. Copy and Paste the file name in “rtmp://(ip address)/vod/(file name)?&channel=0&stream=0&user= (user name) &password=(user password)” and play the recordings in JWplayer.

Preview URL:

Snap URL:

Web: Support:

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Any update on a potential Reolink handler?

This would be nice.
I just installed my first poe camera and chose the Reolink. Foscam did not have anything close in the same price range and figured the integration was not necessary for me.

However, I would like to see this camera in action tiles.
Any idea how to do this? I cannot seem to find how to get media tile to work using http streaming?
I have Reolink 410C.

I have my Hikvision cameras in action tiles. You need your stream path. Seems to be different among manufacturers.

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I asked their tech support and was told they do not have option to stream via url with any command.

Hi, I’ve got a couple of Reolinks - 422 and 410 - and have smart things integration working for them both … specifically I can view the video streams but havent tried anything more sophisticated than that

I use the “Generic Video Camera” dth by Patrick Stuart

the link is

the video URL format is rtsp://username:password@IPADDRESS:554//h264Preview_01_main

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This shows up in the ST app and I’ve also used the same to show on smarttiles

I’ve got 6 cameras connected to my NVR. I am able to intermittently get my first camera to pop up but, I’m unsure how to add a second camera. I tried using //h264Preview_02_main but it doesn’t seem to work. Does anyone know the trick? I feel like I overlooked it.

Also, how have people who have this DH and SmartApp set up been using this within their ecosystem? I saw the ability to feed it into action tiles. What else have people done with the streams?

Are you able to configure RTSP feed in ActionTiles?

I recently started down the ST road after having the Reolink Argus and RLC-410WS. In a perfect world on motion alert the 410WS could trigger a light switch to come on. Has anyone had luck going down this path?

I have done this with my Reolink cameras, but i have them setup on my Synology Diskstation.

I then use the Diskstation connect Smart app to link them to SmartThings. I can then get SmartThings to capture an image when motion is detected.

I also use Core to turn on the outside lights if motion is detected at night time. Works well for me.

Do you use the Reolink NVR, too? I’m curious how that would factor into this solution. I may try this with my Synology, too.