Reolink Argus 2

This camera look good and you can have a solar power to keep it charge. Does anyone know about this line of camera? Are they good etc?

I use Reolink cameras on the outside of my house, but I primarily use their wired cameras (RLC-410). I’ve been part of their beta tests in the past - for example, I have a Reolink Keen indoor wireless camera. The Argus was also interesting to me, but I tend to stay away from battery powered cameras as I prefer to integrate my cameras into my NVR (Blue Iris) for recording and event triggering.

With the new Aygus 2 you can also buy a solar panel for the battery part. @joshua_lyon can you not use wireless for the Blue Iris? I have the Blue Iris and didn’t notice that I could not?

We have bought this camera and we are very happy with it. However, it does not work with ST but their app is very easy to use and works well. The Argus (v1) should work with ST thou.

So Blue Iris only works with wired cameras? I have been looking into Blue Iris for a future IP camera at home.

@sdonaghey Blue Iris works with wireless camera also.

As @llcanada mentioned, Blue Iris works with wireless cameras.

I was specifically calling out current generation battery powered wireless cameras as something I personally wouldn’t integrate into Blue Iris. Battery powered cameras are designed to be triggered by events rather than always streaming a network feed to a centralized NVR. If you held a stream open to a battery powered camera, you would drain the battery on it pretty fast.

My preference is to be able to constantly stream video from the camera to Blue Iris and let Blue Iris do the video processing. That gives me the obvious benefit of being able to use Blue Iris’s trigger processing (which is often better than onboard camera motion detection)… but it also enables you to combine multiple approaches for recording. For example, you might use Blue Iris motion detection to record events while simultaneously doing 24/7 recording. That way if something happens, you can look through your motion triggered events and even if the events didn’t catch it, you would have the fallback of the 24/7 recording to manually scan through.

When I see wireless I thought you meant WiFi cameras. That what I consider wireless. Thanks for the clarification.

I installed the Argus 2 with the solar panel out by the boat dock and love it. It somehow picks up my home wifi 50 yards away, and is total wire free!! and charges itself with the solar panel!!

I have 10 wired cameras around the house for continues recording, but wanted something easy and lightweight, so the Argus 2 was perfect. It’s not continuous recording, but easy and user friendly apps for mobile, and desktop. I tried the Blink XT and range was bad, bad app, and weak mounting options included.

However, I would like to automatically push all motion events to an FTP server or cloud drive so it’s not only sitting on the SD card in the camera. (There is no IFTTT integration.) Does anyone have options or ideas?

Reolink just released their Cloud Beta – have been using and it’s pretty good for the Argus 2.

So is there any DH that integrate argus 2 to ST ?

Did you integrated it with Smarthings ?

I did not. Did not see the need to integrate to smartthings

I don’t think this works on the Argus 2 model specifically (because according to the manufacturer “Access via web browsers is currently not available for Reolink battery-powered cameras to save the battery life”), however for the records I just got a Reolink RLC-422W and I can create useful recipes in IFTTT using the ability to take image snapshots in real time from the camera. For instance I created a recipe mixing Smartthings and Google Drive i.e. “If Any new motion detected by Motion Sensor Main Door, then Upload file from URL to your Google Drive”, where the Reolink snapshot URL syntax is described here:

Wow, beautiful! Is your IFTTT recipe something you can share? Brand new to, and only know how to use their published recipes.

Hi there, you can visit the link I previously posted to see how to access images on the Reolink RLC-422W. Please first of all create a path on your Google Drive like for instance ‘IFTTT/SmartThings/RLC-422W’. Then what you have to do for the recipes on IFTTT is something like this:

Recipe 1/ this is a Smartthings recipe saving images from the Reolink camera storage to Google Drive on '‘IFTTT/SmartThings/RLC-422W’ when movement is detected by the Smartthings sensor that makes sense for you (you will need one close to the camera)# If Any new motion detected by Motion Sensor, then Upload file from Reolink# URL to your Google Drive

Recipe 2/ this is a Google Drive recipe sending notifications with a copy of the image taken from the Reolink camera and saved on Google Drive

If New photo in your folder IFTTT/SmartThings/RLC-422W, then Send a rich notification from the IFTTT app

or you can send an email if you prefer. Hope this helps.