IP Camera Inregration

(Stephen) #1

Is there a way to integrate IP cameras into smart things? If so, what is the best way? I am currently running several hike vision cameras through a POE switch.

(Stephen) #2

Thanks JD. Sorry, I always forget that step.

(Robin) #3

I run Blue Iris (BI) on an old laptop, it can connect to nearly any IP camera and has a built in web server which re-broadcasts the video streams in MPEG format. It has very powerful settings for recording, motion detection zones, sensitivity, profiles (modes), schedules and the like.

BI has it’s own iOS app which is great.

You can use the ‘generic video camera connect’ app on ST and / or ActionTiles to view those streams in ST.

I also use the ST ‘Blue Iris Fusion’ app which allows me to trigger camera recording from ST and sync ST modes to BI Modes.

Finally, I use webCoRE which can send HTTP GET requests to the Blue Iris Server replacing Blue Iris Fusion with a lot more functionality.

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(Ron Talley) #4


I was thinking about running a 24/7 BI server along with my Home Media Server but was afraid that all of the automations I am doing to keep things off would go to waste with an always on PC. I had about 9 PCs that stayed on and boy were they sucking up some juice!

Currently, I have my media server totally automated in ST and can easily control it’s on/off times based on whatever. It is a Sandy Bridge i5 2500K, 500w PSU and 750 TI GTX HTPC and measuring power when on it runs about 250 watts. When watching movies or KODI I am using about 300-350 watts.

Have you measured your consumption rates with an always on BI server?

(Jimmy) #5

Also running Blue Iris and using ST to control it’s profiles and get motion from the cameras to use in ST.

(Ron Talley) #6

Dame question for you. Have you measured power consumption?

(Ray) #7

Just be aware you cannot use ‘generic video camera connect’ for multiple camera feed with the same IP/port from blue iris. You have to use the camera ip/port so if you just want video with ST then blue iris is not required. I couldn’t find a way anyway.
I have blue iris and love it as well but since most of my cameras are RTSP. I couldn’t integrate them directly or with blue iris for all the camera feeds.
Running blue iris on a 27" IMac 24/7 and blue iris takes 27% resources but power consumption is not that bad.

(James Yeo) #8

— Offtopic - ish

I’ve not really paid much attention to consumption before… but this randomly popped into my head reading your concern.

How would BI work on a stick computer thingie? Like this one… http://a.co/jhBxMfb

Anyone running like that?

(Ray) #9

Maybe for one camera. You will need an I7 for 5+ 1080p cameras.

(Bill S.) #10

“Currently, I have my media server totally automated in ST and can easily control it’s on/off times based on whatever.”

Off topic, but could you elaborate a bit on this? I have an always on Plex server running on Ubuntu 16.04 that I would love to have full control over in ST. What are you automating in ST?

(Robin) #11

I used to think that, until I discovered the proper URL format:


(Robin) #12

Nope… not sure I want to now lol :joy:

But it’s just a laptop with the screen turned off, so I can’t imagine it’s not all that bad.

(Ron Talley) #13

You asked for it…

I am currently automating KODI, YouTube, Battlefield, Chrome and Windows Media Center.

(Ray) #14

You are right. You could do it with Videos. Possible with still image? Looking at them. I think that was my problem. The image capture. With this

(Jimmy) #15

I have not

(Bill S.) #16

Dude… You are my hero!!! I guess I need to build a Win PC now (for EventGhost) :wink:

BTW, my wife hates you for giving me ideas. LMAO

(Robin) #17

Yeah, that DTH has to link directly to the camera IP… it was working for me just fine but stopped working about 6 months ago.

Never needed the still images anyway… Blue Iris records everything I need.

(Ron Talley) #18

Honestly, the PC on/off control have been one of the biggest energy savers.

All of my lights are LED so no more than about 25watts per fixture (multiple bulbs). Can’t automate our main refrigerator but I did automate our secondary small one. I save about 8 hours per day run time on it with a door sensor and an Iris smart plug.

Trying to squeeze every penny I can out of energy savings…However, even though I am saving $100 on energy, I constantly find myself spending $200 to save it…:confused:

Oh yeah, back to IP Camera Integration…LMAO!!!

(Bill S.) #19

Yeah, I’m there with you. I used to have about 8 PCs (servers really) running here full time, but I’ve reduced down to one main server running about 6 VMs (I ended up spending about $400 on RAM/CPUs for it) and I moved my main work PC to a laptop. So, that’s helped a lot with my energy usage.

Lighting, EVERYTHING is LED (either smart bulbs or led strips/bulbs). I figure that with ST and a ton of schedules, I’m saving about $75 a month, but I turn around and spend that on more automation. So, catch 22. LOL

Yeah… sorry about hijacking the thread. :wink:

(Carter) #20

Thanks for this info. I’ll have to give this BI a try now :slight_smile: