Remove wifi and just use as zwave controller

Hi, I am sick of the constant wifi drops, and have bought a new wifi 6 router. I have around 40 devices on wifi but a couple of them are zwave. I was wondering if I could retain 1 or 2 of my SmartThings Mesh routers and just use them to talk to my zwave devices (mainly) my door lock and have it still work with Alexa but not interfere with my new wifi router. So somehow turn off wifi on them. Not sure if they would still work with Alexa if I do that though. Or maybe I connect them to the new router somehow.

Any help with this would be appreciated


You can definitely connect them to the new router by using the “bridge“ function. But I think they have to still be using Wi-Fi or they can’t get to the smartthings cloud. In bridge mode, they just become additional Wi-Fi devices on the Wi-Fi network established by the new router, they aren’t establishing their own Wi-Fi network.

The method for doing the bridge is a little different depending on the exact model of the smartthings Wi-Fi router that you have. Is it the one that uses plume? Or the older one that doesn’t?

Here are the instructions for both:

No idea about plumb, but this is perfect if I can just connect to my new router and use it for the zwave . Thanks a lot for the link and answers

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I was able to change it to bridge mode using the non plumb method. However when I unplug the network cable it does not connect to my new wifi router. I see no spot to connect to wifi and can’t get to network settings as nothing goes up when the unit is not “connected” can I not connect to wifi or does it have to wired?

I have no direct experience with the products but that is pretty much what I would expect. Instead of connecting to an internet modem via the wired connection you connect to the new router instead. By changing to bridge mode you are effectively switching off the ‘router’ functionality and just acting as a simple wireless access point onto the network established by the new router with no IP level routing, NAT or DHCP - the new router is handling all that.

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