Switching from SmartThings wifi to a different router but keeping z-wave functionality?

I currently have the three pack of ST hubs/routers and use them as my mesh network for wifi and smart home devices. I am very unhappy with the routers (poor network speed) and want to change to a different router. Am able to switch to say an Orbi router and still use the ST units for just smart device hubs without having to set all my devices back up? Thanks!

Since the ST WiFi needs to be on to connect to the sub hubs, you would need to keep the WiFi running in order for your devices to stay connected. Each hub supposedly works as an extender of Zwave and Zigbee. Although I have never been able to get anyone at ST to confirm this.

You could run a different WiFi network in your home just for your internet browsing purposes. ST WiFi is supposed to avoid any potential conflict. It would be the same as living next to someone with strong WiFi signal.

I would change the ST WiFi system to bridge mode. Essentially combining the two networks. This way you won’t run into any IP conflict with anyone on the Orbi System if that system is running in Bridge mode from your existing router and you’ll still be able to control devices from the app when connected to the Orbi network.

Assuming you do have an existing router aside from the ST WiFi. You will need one in order for both mesh systems to connect to the internet.