Remove Permission

So when you allow simple rule builder or someone else in your home installs different things they want to try with smart things. How do I remove these outside places from having access to my smarthings?

I know that there have been a few places concerning the security of smarthings. I am looking to remove a few things that have access or had access to my smarthings that I no longer use anymore.

Its amazing how out of control things can get with multiple people trying to tinker with it!

Delete (uninstall) the SmartApp that is installed for each such service.

Access to your SmartThings is not to your Account, but rather to a SmartApp created for each service. (eg, IFTTT, SmartTiles, etc. each gets own SmartApp instance installed in your Account).

Thanks! I just wanted to make sure thats what it did, appreciate it.

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