Remove Event Subscription from SmartApp

(Phil H) #1

Hi there,

I’m replacing an old outlet with a new one (was getting interference on my setup with the old one) but I’m unable to get one of my SmartApps (Ubi) to release the Event Subscription on the switch, which means I can’t delete the old device. I don’t see a way from the mobile app or the API dashboard to get rid of the subscription.

Is my only option to uninstall/reinstall the app, or is there a way to remove an Event Subscription to a device?

(Kyle Newton) #2

did you ever figure out a way to do this without uninstalling/reinstalling the app? thanks!

(Phil H) #3

I believe I got this resolved by contacting support, they were able to remove it on their end. However, I may have ended up uninstalling/reinstalling – I had to do this recently for another app and it was actually not as bad as I expected.

(Kyle Newton) #4

Cool! Thanks for the info :smile: