Remove Dimming Capability

I have some extra lamp modules that I’d like to use to control air purifiers. Unfortunately, they’re dimmable and they do a long, slow fade when turned on or off, so I can’t use them with devices that contain motors or fans. Does anyone know if the fade on/off can be removed with a custom DH? Does anyone know of a custom DH that might do the trick? Make and model is Enverwave ZW1P.

Check the manual for the device to see if the ramp on/off is configurable by setting z-wave parameters. If it is, you can temporarily change the device to this handler, which exposes all the parameters for a given device so they can be changed, then switch back to your regular device handler.

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Just removing the fade rate is not enough. :disappointed_relieved: if the device is not rated for use with the motor, do not use it with a motor. The startup physics are different and you can burn out the dimmer, the motor, or both.

Unfortunately, you will just need to get some pocket sockets that are rated for use with motors. This is not something you can change through parameter configuration.