Disable dimming function for a GE Dimming Lamp Module?

I’m currently using a GE Dimming Lamp Module to control a bedside fan. It “works” but it slowly lowers power to the fan rather than perform a simple on/off fuction. I’m guessing that this isn’t good for the fan because it makes an odd noise during the “dimming”.

I don’t see any way to change the settings within the Smartthings app to have it simply turn on/off. Logged into ide.smartthings.com, I was thinking of simply changing the device type from “Dimmer” to “Z-wave Switch” but there are several that have similar names.


Don’t use a dimmer for lights to control anything with a motor. The physics are different and you can damage the motor.

You can use a plain on/off switch if it meets other load specifications. But it’s best to get an “appliance module” spec’d for the power of the device you plug into it. :sunglasses:

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