Micro Smart Dimmer - Ramp Rates

(Ben) #1

I’m working on installing Micro Smart Dimmers behind all my existing toggle switches:

To keep the WAF high, I’ve decided to keep the existing “classic” toggle switches and I’m trying to make these dimmers act as much like the dumb switch as possible…at least on the surface.

Out of the box they seem to have a programmed ramp up rate of 3 seconds when you turn them on using the attached toggle switch. I can’t seem to find a configuration parameter or other z-wave command I can use to adjust this. Although this is a small detail, I suspect this will have a large affect on the WAF :frowning: I can change the ramp up rate when triggered via a SmartApp setLevel(dimmer level, speed) method but this doesn’t affect the local switch. Since this is the only “behind the existing” switch option available and they don’t seem to make any non-decora style z-wave switches anymore, I don’t have a lot of other options.

Is anyone else working with these Micro Smart Dimmers? Any ideas as to how I could try to adjust the ramp up speed when triggered from the attached switch?

(Morgan) #2

I was able to change Ramp rates with a Z-wave remote on my GE Dimmer switch. I would assume you could do that, I just didn’t take the time to write an app, because I couldn’t find one. That would let me adjust ramp rates with an app in Smart Things.

Does the Micro Controller, tell you in the instructions which parameters control the ramp up rates?

(Ben) #3

Their documentation doesn’t have any z-wave configuration options listed:


If I recall properly, the z-wave configuration options are vendor specific. I was hoping someone else had experience with this particular module and possibly have additional information.

(Ashley) #4

According to http://www.pepper1.net/zwavedb/device/43 there is no way of being ably to change the ramp rate of the dimmer, even if there was I not sure how you go about changing Parameters with in Smartthings Hub.

Parameter settings would be something I would love to have access to, so I could turn on the overload protection.



(Ben) #5

It looks like the Fibaro FGD221 Dimmer (http://www.fibaro.com/us/support#) is similar to the Aeotec device, but does appear to have some configuration options for ramp speed. I don’t think they have been released in the US yet. Hopefully they are released soon.