Remotely power on computer

I have a nice little NUC computer that I use as a file server. The problem is that in the event of a power failure, there is no way to return the computer to a power-on state other than physically pressing the momentary switch on the front of the box. There is no power state setting in the BIOS, and wake-on-lan setting does not function as there is no phantom power to the network card. Hence, when we have a power loss, the computer becomes totally dormant.

The power switch on the box is a typical momentary power switch on a computer and simply shorts the two wires on the switch. I believe it’s low-power/12v.

My thinking is if I can find a battery powered remote switch to simply jumper the two wires on the computer switch, once electrical service is restored to the house, I could power on this little computer box up remotely,

I have a tendency to overthink things…ask my wife…so thought I would see if anyone has a simple idea.

I may not be describing this correctly, and my searches have come up with some pretty involved scenarios that seem overly complicated.


Sounds like a job for a switch bot or finger bot button pusher.


I’ve looked at these, but they all seem to require Bluetooth and/or a hub, and another hub is something I’d rather stay away from.

Then I got to thinking: My Meross garage door opener does little more than short the two power-line terminals on the motor on the garage door.

Would this work to short the pins on the computer momentary power switch?

That is exactly what I was going to recommend:

Why not just wire a Relay Switch in with the Power Button.

Look at a Shelly Plus 1 Wi-Fi Switch

It can be configured as a Momentary Switch.

I REALLY like Shelly Devices as they are Wi-Fi, and have their own Shelly Cloud App that you can run independently of SmartThings.

Then there are Shelly Edge Drivers for it from @TAustin so you can fold them into your SmartThings setup if you want.

Looks like Aeotec has a new Pico Switch (Zigbee) , but it’s on pre-order. They used to have a have a Z-Wave Nano-Switch, but I’m not finding it on Amazon.

this might help
Can Intel® NUC Mini PCs Start Automatically When a Power Source is Connected


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I’ve used avanced power settings in BIOS with a smart power outlet in the past on an old computer that had the BIOS which supported it. I also use @TAustin’s Edge wake-on-lan virtual device to remotely power on my NAS so if it supports wake-on-lan then it’s an option with the SmartThings hubs that support Edge drivers.

I wish my BIOS had these settings but…no cigar. It’s not an Intel brand NUC, but a third party one with American Megatrends stripped down BIOS.

When this computer loses power it is like turning off a light switch. No phantom power is supplied to the board. At that point, the only way to power it up is shorting that momentary switch.

You’ve done MacGyver proud! I’m even older old school…go for the easiest solution…even if it does cost you twenty bucks!

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