Remote view Amcrest Camera on SmartTiles application

Hello I was able to stream video from my Amcrest IP camera to the SmartTiles web aplication but it was possible only if I’m locally in the network (if was possible reading some post here in the community), but since the link you set to stream the video is the Local camera IP, this does not work if you open the smartTiles web application outside your local network (eg. when you are at work). Does anyone was able to stream remote video?
Thanks for the support

Armcrest / Foscam and similar cameras that offer simple browser-based access to their cameras (or viewing of cameras through Apps like IP Cam Viewer), can access your cameras via “port forwarding” available on most home routers.

There are arguments against consumers enabling this option as it exposes the cameras, and perhaps, in turn, your home LAN to hackers, bots, malware; which requires fairly complex VLANs or other firewalling to avoid, but let’s set that aside for functional reasons.

I’d first recommend digging into the Armcrest documentation sections on Dynamic DNS, UPNP, Port Forwarding; and/or Google “port forwarding for IP cameras”. It’s best that you learn the basic concepts involved.


Another way to do this and avoid all of the potential pitfalls of opening holes in your firewall and exposing devices to potential hackers is to enable an VPN server on your home router. More and more home routers these days are including this functionality and the major smartphone players (Apple IOS and Android) have the ability to access such VPN servers built into them. Using a VPN doesn’t require port forwarding and encrypts any traffic going between your cameras and your smartphone, no matter where you are connecting from.

Depending on the manufacturer of your router, setting up the VPN server can take a little time, but it is well worth it in terms of the long term security of your home network. With so many different types of devices on home networks these days, combined with the relative lack of security features built into some of them, hackers will look for any little hole they can find to exploit home networks. Best practice is to never give them a hole.

Consult the documentation for your router. If VPN server functionality is available, use it. Again, it can take some time and a little research to set it up, but its well worth it in the end. Keep in mind that a VPN will provide the same benefits when accessing any device on your home network, whether it be a camera, a NAS device, a printer etc., so it will be time well spent in the long run.


Thank you so much for your reply

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Thank you so much for your reply. Getting a VPN to avoid port fwr issues seems to be very useful. I will dig on that

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I am ever so close to buying the full version of the Actiontiles provided that one tiles I want it to display a live feed when it detects motion (at the front door). I read so many threads last night (there are literally thousands…) but it’s either quite old posts (1yr+ or different cam and different model that gives me the uncertainty)

Amcrest ProHD seems To be confirm workin - is that correct? I was looking at the Foscam C2 (just like the look of it better) and R2 - which is similar to its sister company’s prohd 814 model… but no one can confirm either is working so far.

Could someone shed some light on this

Actually just realised it’s nit batter powered. The porch has no outlet to plug in hence I bought the arlo and Samsung Pro HD to overcome the problem. I didn’t know is not that future proof on the integration front. Guess can’t blame them as my issue is not the performance or functionality of the cam’s

How about Blink in that case or is there an easy way to make a main powered cam to battery…?