Foscam IP camera LAN and remote DDNS discussion

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Now that there is some streaming working in ST, I was wondering if anybody has create a Device Type that will handle automatically switching between local IP when on LAN and remote DDNS url when off. This way there is only one device needed to view one video stream.

I know this is a particular problem with Foscam’s when using their provided DDNS service. On LAN the DDNS url doesn’t work. Apps like TinyCam provide a setting to automatically switch between local IP and DDNS based on what your phone is connected to.

Again, for the stream itself you can just use your external IP or use an internal IP with a VPN… the delay and load time is very minimal even while using the external IP while on the same network.

As I understand it, external IP is liable to change when your router restarts? I thought that was the advantage of DDNS.

I’ve seen VPN mentioned a lot by you and Patrick. Honestly, i’m not very familiar with it. Any good links on how to set one up and a provider with good bang for the buck?

Some nicer wireless routers have VPN services built into them, I don’t personally use a VPN but I’m sure you’d be able to find tons of info online. The external IP can change but it’s not something that happens every day… I’ve had the same external IP for about a year now.

yeahhhhh, i’m really starting to regret my Google OnHub purchase last year. It doesn’t provide a VPN service.

I’m going to give the external IP route a try and see how it goes. Thanks!

If you are concerned with the cable company changing your IP, you can always try a DDNS provider like

I’ve been using Foscam’s ddns from outside my LAN just fine. I just tried on my LAN with the WAN ip and that doesn’t work either. So it seems both WAN IP and DDNS both only work outside my LAN.

It would be nice if a Smart App could automatically turn on a VPN tunnel when it realizes it doesn’t route out of the local hub gateway.

You can do this, on Android, with Tasker and other apps like that, but have this as an automated function of a Smart App, then we wouldn’t have to get cloud based cameras!

Everything works great in Rboy’s (@RBoy) latest app. Maybe we couldn’t donate to the cause and have him code it into his app.

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