Remote Switch For 3-Way Application

(John Esher) #1

We’re making settlement on a new (to us - it’s 84 years old) house on December 29th. On two sets of steps for some reason there is only one switch at the top/bottom of the steps. One set of steps goes into the basement and the other into the attic, both finished, the attic will be a bedroom for my sons. I’m fairly certain code in my community requires switches at top and bottom of any steps, but regardless, I want them.

I’d really rather not run physical wires, and I’m aware of this switch, just wouldn’t be ST controllable.

So my question: Are there any “remote” switches that work with ST?

(Cody Truscott) #2

The linear switches and dimmers use a wireless 2nd switch.

(John Rucker) #3

Will this help?

(Chrisb) #4

One possibility is if using my wireless 3-way app. I had a “dead switch” by my side door that used to be responsible for a light in my basement that I rewired a long time ago. I installed a z-wave light switch that is not connected to any load. Just line and neutral. Then using my app it “ties” the switch to the z-wave switch at my back door. When one turns on, it turns on the other. When one turns off, it turns off the other.

Essentially you’d have to install a hardwired switch in the location, but you could tap into any power that in the area rather than having to run wires between the new location and the old switch on the other floor.

(Chrisb) #5

Wow… is that ST compatible? That would be nice.

(Matt) #6


(John Rucker) #7

Well yes sort of. It is a zigBee compatible switch and I think several people have it working but I don’t think SmartThings will support it if you have problems getting it to work.