Remote (non-accesible) dimmer control options?


I want to add some can lights, but don’t want to run power lines down to a wall plate. My plan would be to replace a wall switch with a set of scene buttons. Then control the existing light and new lights with dimmers installed in the attic.

Are there good options for an entirely remote dimmer that could be installed in an electrical box or can light can and control about 6 LED can lights?

My first thought was to just install a normal z-wave dimmer switch in an electrical box in the attic, but something about that doesn’t seem right to me.

You could use the aeotec nano. I do recommend maintaining a manual control method for any lighting to mitigate frustration during smartthings downtime. :wink:

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Will a scene controller (like the button modules from leviton) work with local processing?

Looks like options include Fibaro, Aeotec, and Quibono.

Ease of integration with smartthings, LEDmpatibility, and module reliability are my biggest concerns.

Are any of these companies significantly ahead of the other?

Those are all pretty good options.

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Not at the present time.

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That is super disappointing.

Is local processing for scene selection button modules at least on their roadmap?

May be enough to push me towards Home Assistant.

For the most part, they don’t really discuss their roadmap. But they have been adding device eligibility for local processing into the last several hub firmware updates.

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Another option would be just use Hue bulbs in the cans, either white or color, and then pair a wireless remote to them. The remote would still function with a smartthings outage, and you can control them either through a bridge or directly pair to smartthings (with some loss of functionality, I believe)