Battery operated remote or scene controller for two bedside wall sconces

Best battery operated z-wave remote/scene controller to control 2 bedroom wall sconces

I’m installing two wall sconces on swing arms next to my bed. My bed has wings on the side of it so it makes it really difficult to reach around to press any kind of buttons to turn on and off the wall sconces. My plan was to put some Innovelli Z-wave dimmers on each side of the bed that controls one wall sconce each. Then I wanted to find some kind of battery operated Z-Wave remote that I can stick to the side of the nightstand in order to do the following:

  • either remote can turn on or off either of the wall sconces.
  • each remote can dim the wall sconce on their side. Bonus if I can dim both wall sconces with the same remote.
  • must be battery operated. Bonus if it can be recharged but not necessary.
  • I’m just getting ready to put together my smart home system. I’m leaning towards SmartThings since I already have an open V3 hub.

The sconce uses a integrated LED so I can’t put a hue bulb in it unfortunately. I figured using a Z-Wave dimmer with a remote would be the best way to control it.

Is scene controller or remote that you would recommend? Or is there a better solution to this problem?

Surprised their are no recommendations. Ive continued to do a lot of research and these look to be the best bets:

Remotec ZRC-90
Nexia One Touch Z-Wave Scene Controller
Aotec Wallmount Quad
TRÅDFRI Remote control
Hank Z-Wave Plus Four Button Scene Controller
Sengled Smart Light Switch

I think I will narrow it down to the Aotec, the Sengled, or the Remotec.

I originally wrote a response and then deleted it because the problem is that with the migration to the New V3 app, a lot of the custom code that allow these kinds of devices to work is broken, and while some people are working on updating specific ones, in other cases the original authors are no longer available and it’s just kind of a mess, to be honest. :disappointed_relieved:

All of the devices that you listed are good devices and used to work with the classic app, but I don’t know if any of them are working right now. You would just have to check each individual author thread.

You should be able to find them by going to the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, looking down the page for the DTH section, and then choosing the list for “remotes and buttons.“

I’m sorry, I know that’s not very helpful, but that’s why I didn’t respond the first time around.

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Thank you for the response. I guess, as a backup, I could make sure it works with Home Assistant. With the crap show that has been the V3 app migration, maybe its better to cut my loses before I start a new smartthings setup and go to HA. Also worried that they are offloading the making of the hub to a third party too. Not sure what Samsungs long term plan is here.

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Do you know the state of Lutron Caseta integration? I could use pico remotes. Can pico remotes have a different action for holding down a button?

The official smartthings/Lutron integration has never exposed Picos to smartthings. They’re just invisible to it. You can use them through Lutron to control their own Lutron switches, but smartthings can’t do anything at all with them.

There’s a community built integration which can expose them, but it requires an additional server and significant technical expertise.

If you want to use picos with non-Lutron devices in home automation, I would look into Hubitat (A competitor hub to smartthings). They have a really slick Lutron integration. some people use both smartthings and Hubitat because each offers different pluses and minuses. :sunglasses:

Blah! hah! I really want to build a single dashboard for a tablet. Doing so using multiple hubs would be difficult. My Air condition controller (Cielo Breez) is only supported in SmartThings. I feel kind of stuck in SmartThings which would be fine if it werent for the current state of things.

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O, supports both ST and Hubitat on the same dashboard. I think I am going to do a combo system and use their dashboard.