Adding Zooz Multi 4-in-1 Sensor (ZSE40) Fails - Added as an 'Open Close Sensor'

I’m trying to install a couple of Zooz 4-in-1 multi-sensors (ZSE40)
I went to the Zooz Edge Drive Channel and enrolled my ST hub, then installed the
“Zooz Multisensor” driver that supports" ZSE11, ZSE18, ZSE29, ZSE40, ZSE43, ZSE44
When I try to add using the ‘scan nearby’ function, all that pops up is “Zooz Open Close” sensor.
Any ideas?

  • any custom device handlers still installed in IDE? if yes, try removing it.
  • instead of scan nearby, use Add device > by device type > z-wave (you may want to get the hub closer to the device.

you would need to remove the item before trying to add it back of course :slight_smile:

Is the IDE still working? I haven’t been on in over a year, do you happen to know the link to it?


after you login, click on My Locations and tap on the location name first

parts of it are still active. Device Handlers is available but you can only delete device handlers (I believe… may be wrong)

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Thank You!