[RELEASE] Zooz Q Sensor (ZSE11)

@krlaframboise I just bought a few of these hoping to use the lux sensor to automatically turn on lights and to track humidity. I installed the device handler before pulling the shipping plastic from the battery contacts and adding the first one to ST but I’m not sure it correctly identified the device and used the right device handler. I am only seeing motion, temp and battery reading in the app and the device log, how do I get the humidity and lux readings??

Ever since ST introduced Edge Drivers the custom handlers don’t always get assigned during inclusion. If that happens to me then excluding and re-joining the device using the scan QR code option usually solves it, but it never works for some users.

If you open the device in the IDE you can manually change the Type field to my handler. Custom handlers appear at the very bottom of the list.

After switching handlers it could take 24 hours to see the correct UI, but sometimes you can force it to refresh by either changing the device name or clearing the apps cache and data in your phone’s settings.

Version 1.2

I just released a new version of the DTH that has a workaround for the lux reporting bug in the original firmware so you no longer need to update the device’s firmware to get it to report values above 32,767 lux.

Kevin is it possible to have "Minimum Reporting Frequency” down to 15 minutes? Current option is from 1 to 774 Hours. I have joined device as Battery, but is USB powered, and I have nothing to worry about battery life.
I have sudden drop in temperature, that is not being reported, according to Temperature Reporting Threshold (1). All other capabilities are reporting almost live.