How to connecxt a TP LINK H100 socket to my smartthings hub? WITHOUT A GATEWAY PC?

Folks… another newbie question here. I sofar have only used my brandnew hub with the starterkit things which came in the package. So far… so good. BUT… I have a TP Link H100 mains socket which I would love to hook to integrate into smartthings. I have seen a post by destructure00 , dated 2 Dec 2016 which described how to do this… BUT… it requires a PC to run 24/7 and that isn’t possible in my situation.
Just wondered… is there a way around this or will it require a PC running a gateway service from the Hub to the H100 ?
Any help gratefully received.
Many thanks

Try this. Choose the Cloud-link method. Works well for me.

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Many thanks Ernie… will give that a try tmrw… its close on midnight here.
Albert in Ireland.

HELP… when trying to follow Dave Gut instructions to the letter trying to install the code for my TP LINK Hs100 into the SmartThings hub ( going for the cloud based version) I get this error:

startup failed: script_app_metadata_bc9f552c_4150_4820_8646_9a33af4339b5: 35: unexpected token: name @ line 35, column 5. 34 name: “TP-Link (unofficial) Connect”, ^ 1 error

Anyone can figure out what I am doing wrong ?? No coding experience here… am I using a down-level version of the “Groovy” Apologies If I have screwed this up, inspite of Dave’s EXCELLENT instructions.

Ernie and whoever sees this… by accident I replied to myself a minute ago. See my last post.

I suggest posting in the thread I linked above for assistance with this device. @Gutheinz is very helpful and responsive.

Thanks so much Ernie. I have made progress but am now getting stuck on step 5 Run the service manager (a) is ok… but (b) does not appear in my Samsun’s SmartThings connect APP so I cannot add a smart app.
Have posted directly to Dave but need to update that as the device handler and service manager appear to be running ok now. many many thanks Ernie.