[RELEASE] Sure PetCare (Connect) V1.2c

Did you figure out why the info is not showing? I’m having the same issue and have tried repeat installations (it was quite hard to remove the existing installation!), but the battery info and the like just doesn’t show. Also there is no updating between the actual surepet app and the SmartThings version…should there be?

I have the surepet app controlling curfew as when I tried to set it via SmartThings it gave am me an error , something like I’m not authorised to do that action…suspect I’ve done something wrong, but no idea what. All the other info on setup was available and able to be set (eg location, pets to add).

I too have no info showing, so posting here just to track if there’s an answer forthcoming.


When you click refresh on the device in the mobile app, can you look at the logs generated in the IDE and see if any errors appear? https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/ide/logs

Hi Alex, thanks for looking into it. This is what I see:

13:10:31: error java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer @line 138 (poll)

13:10:31: debug Executing ‘poll’
13:10:31: debug Executing ‘refresh’


what device or app is this error listed under?

If I understand you correctly the device is called Cat Flap.

Hmm. It’s odd as line 138 in my code for the pet door device couldn’t produce that error.

Anyone else having this issue with the same error?

GoodyGizmos did back on 1st Feb.

@Alyc100 I just did a complete uninstall and clean install via Repo. I waited at least 5 mins for everything to sync up, but here is a screenshot of my SmartApp. The hub is in sync and has a good connection with the door and the door is unlocked both ways. Something appears to not be syncing to the SmartApp.

I’m seeing the same error. I’m not getting any events from the SmartApp at all when pets enter/leave. If I manually refresh the presence devices for the pets I see the error “Unexpected result in poll(): [null] null”. Not sure if the two issues are related, but happy to test whatever you throw my way or supply you with logs to help debug if necessary.

Yes, and note it is NOT line 138 in your code - it’s a Java error trying to convert a string to an integer, so at some point in your code you are passing a string that does NOT contain numerics into some data area, and then when parsed in the Smartthings process the Smartthings code throws a Java exception.

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I wanted to do this exact sunset thing as a sure cat flap connect user, purchased last month.

I’m new to this forum so, is this functionality working in the app ?

Or is this another way around the official app limitations using another smart app with curfew disabled in official app ?

You’re right - you can’t automatically lock the sure cat flap using their app, which is a surprising limitation. But if you’ve got the cat flap hub, and also a Smartthings hub, you can get it working fine using this integration. Once it’s set up, just create an automation in the Smartthings app triggered at sunset to close the app, and everything should be fine. You can also trigger at sunrise to open it in the morning if you like, although I prefer to use a set time.

This integration was worth the price of the Smartthings hub alone!

Oh, so the smart things hub is actually a hardware device like the sure pet hub with cats ear lights.

I have installed the smart things app on my s20+
I have perused the code here but not sure where to get the IDE.
I’ve got a GitHub account so that’s fine
And I have a windows 10 Acer laptop that I think is dual boot with Linux.

I’ve read instructions on installing these skills but not yet stepped through them owing to a lack of ide and unsure how it connects with the phone upon which the surepet app I got with the door runs.

I’d love to get started and I actually found some sunset code in C++ which is a very interesting find.

So where do I get this smart things hub ?

I had an idea too about implementing an action triggered by the cats progress…

Mark, does it matter which smartthings hub is used.

I understand there is a V2 and V3 and that they differ in the sensors that ar available.

There’s also a smartthings classic but unsure if that’s V1 or not.

I’m using v3 personally, no idea about v2, but you’re better off getting the latest. It works with both that standard and classic apps, although the latter is being phased out.

Thanks Mark. I’m keen to setup the IDE and simulator but wanted to ensure I at least have the right hardware.

Looks like a fun project. I have 2 cats 2 feeders and 2 doors and already have a few functionality ideas.

Hi there all,

Great integration

Is there anyone with a feeder integrated too. Would be good to see. I did a quick search but couldn’t see one anywhere