[RELEASE] Smart Vent Manager - smartapp commissioned by Keen Home

Hi @shaxs ,

If you have specific schedule requirements, then you need to use my zoned Heating/Cooling solutions.

Smart Vent Manager is only good for simple requirements with no specific scheduled events.

As soon as you start talking about specific timeframes for opening/closing your vents, then you need the ability to schedule the vent settings.

And,there are many smartapps that I’ve created to do so based on your use cases.

Please refer to this thread for more details:

BTW, if you want to synchronize your wall heaters setpoints and your vent settings, you don’t need to use Core to do so. My zoned Heating/Cooling solutions have the ability to set your “zone/room” thermostats’ setpoints (ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule and ScheduleTstatZones) and much more…

You’d need to create different zones in your home to do so, and associate the right thermostat to the zone along with the target setpoints for your zone.